As Roanoke Valley cat sitters we take pride in our cat-care skills. Read on to see how to choose the perfect cat sitter.

Some of the reasons to adopt a senior pet from a Roanoke, VA pet sitter.

You've adopted a new pet and need to integrate them into your family. What do you do? In this post I discuss ways to make sure your new pet is happy and secure from Day 1.

Cat Sitting in Roanoke VA

Aloof.  Independent.  Mean!  All words I've heard clients use to describe their cat.  Some people are almost embarrassed to call us for cat sitting. In a quiet voice they ask “I know he’s just a cat but can you come visit him?” And we say of...

Walking the Dog - A Guide to Collars and Harnesses

Easy Walk, harness lead, martingale, oh my! Choosing the correct leash or harness for dog walking can be overwhelming. Does your dog pull? Maybe they tend to back out of harnesses. Or maybe you need to walk multiple dog...

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