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Springtime Dog Walking Tips

Springtime Dog Walking Safety: Tips from a Dog Walker

Finally, in the middle of April, I’m starting to believe Spring is here! As a dog walker the fresh smells and bird calls are just intoxicating and I wake up everyday ready to grab a leash! But before you grab your leash and head out the door, keep these springtime safety tips in mind:

Buckle Up

Dog with Toy

Dogs love to stick their heads out the car window but this puts them at risk of flying debris. Insects and particles can get lodged into their eyes, and larger pieces of road trash can cause serious damage to their face and head. Invest in a dog restraint system and keep your windows cracked for the fresh breeze. For smaller dogs you can even get them a booster seat so they can look out the window. Your dog will still enjoy the smells, but stay safe and contained.

Allergy Season

Dog in Field