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Choosing the Purrfect Cat Sitter

A Senior Cat

Being a cat sitter in the Roanoke Valley means more than just scooping litter boxes and putting dry food in a bowl. For us, being a cat sitter means engaging in cuddles and playtime that make a difference in your cat's day. So how do you know you've picked a great cat sitter? Here are some tips:

We understand not all cats act the same.

We've taken care of cats that are the perfect package: loving, playful and happy to see us. We've also taken care of cats that hiss, swat and prefer that we go away now! We understand that being a great cat sitter means taking a cat as is. So if your cat wants to be left alone, we can do that. If your cat just needs time to get to know us, that's fine too. We don't mind sitting and reading to them until they feel comfortable! And if your cat is ready to play when we get there, even better. We'll have a great time!

A Happy Cat

We don't get offended by kitty messes.

We know that if your cat doesn't use a litter box, or chooses to throw up right in the doorway, they're trying to tell us something, not punish us. Part of our cat sitting job involves cleaning up any messes your pet may leave and alleviating any underlying issues causing those messes. Because stress can cause cats to act out we'll let you know they're unhappy and work with you to find a resolution.

We notice when cat behavior changes.

Playful Cat

If on day one your cat devours their food but on day two they show no interest, we notice. This could just mean your cat is bored with their food, or it could be the warning signs of an intestinal blockage. Either way we'll keep an eye out and note all symptoms. Being a great cat sitter means we actively engage with your cat so we'll notice changes in appetite, litter box habits or playtime activities.

We believe being a cat sitter involves just as much work as being a dog sitter. No matter the cat, they deserve all the love and attention their canine companions get. As cat sitters in the Roanoke Valley, we take pride in the relationships we build with our cat friends and their human guardians.


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