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Walking the Dog - Which Harness is Best?

Walking the Dog - A Guide to Collars and Harnesses

Easy Walk, harness lead, martingale, oh my! Choosing the correct leash or harness for dog walking can be overwhelming. Does your dog pull? Maybe they tend to back out of harnesses. Or maybe you need to walk multiple dogs at once without ended up on your face. With all the options available it's hard to know which equipment to choose. As a professional dog walker I want to share my experiences and save you some pain!

Easy Walk Harness
Easy Walk Harness

Dog walkers use the Easy Walk harness for many reasons: it reduces pulling, does not put pressure on your dog's neck and is easy to adjust if your dog gains or loses weight. However, I've seen more than one dog cheerfully step out of a poorly fitted harness and go on their merry way! The harness should fit tighter than you expect while still allowing your dog freedom of movement. While in theory the Easy Walk harness seems perfect, because of the fit issues I really don't like using them.

Harness Lead
The Harness Lead