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Welcoming a New Rescue Pet

Congrats! You've adopted a new family member. Proud, nervous and excited you load your new best friend in the car and head home. You know you'll provide the absolute best life your new pet could ever dream of. But what are some ways to establish your new relationship on Day 1? In this blog we'll discuss strategies to help your new rescue pet adapt to their wonderful new life.

Rescue Cat

Step 1: Patience

You'll need patience, and then more patience and then maybe even more! While some rescues can provide a full history of your new pet, many don't know anything beyond the basics of where they came from and their gender. There's just no way to tell. So don't be surprised if your new pet has never seen a sofa before or becomes nervous when cars drive by. Take a moment to imagine what they've been through: long lonely nights, long hungry days and the constant fear of injury or death. Your new pet may have had multiple owners before and so find it hard to trust that you'll always be there for them. To you, they are your new best friend. To them, you are another stop in their life. By being patience and letting them decompress and open up at their own rate, you'll show your new pet that you are trustworthy and that they are safe.

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